Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Imagination and the English Language

I logged onto facebook today, as I often do, and began to waste my time. I was reading through the recent status updates of various friends of mine, when I came upon this one:

"Rolling along; not enjoying the nice cold spell that is supposed to end tomorrow! Hmmm... hundle up and stay warm I guess..."

Hundle? Was this a clever Carrollian combination of huddle and bundle, or the unintentional use of a nonexistent word? I was leaning more towards the latter, but I decided to investigate before coming to any conclusions. I googled the word, and although no official dictionary full of real words had anything to say, urban dictionary offered some valuable insight.


v.: 1.) to rub on a potatoe vigorously

2.) to ravenously gun down a beaver

I really like both of these definitions.

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